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My Stress Management Plan

By Dr. Deborah Dueck, ©

1. I have a stress management plan in place?

           a. Yes    b.  No

2. I take time to enjoy my breaks and/ or lunch time?

           a.  Yes   b.  No

3. When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I do the following?

           a. Eat     b.  Take a walk      c. Call a friend   d. other _______ ________________________________________________

4. I feel relaxed after I do the following? 

          a. Exercise    b.  Watch a movie   c. Take a walk   c. other ______

5. I know my physical limitations?

          a. Yes    b.  No

6. I know when I need a break mentally?

          a. Yes    b.  No

7. I am aware when I need to schedule time for fun?

         a. Yes    b.  No

8.  I usually make healthy choices for my fun?

         a. Yes    b.  No

9. I manage my time well?

        a. Yes    b.  No

10. After, answering these questions do I need to work on my plan?

© 2019 Deborah Dueck   


30 minute session

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$ 30 USD

1 hour session

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$ 60 USD